Designed to reinforce (and become the “protection” of tapped holes the Amecoil thread insert is used in a variety of joints.  It secures the whole unit of which it is only a component.

  It has four kinds of use:

  1. Initial assembly
  2. Repairs
  3. Finishing and converting one thread form to another
  4. Retaining size of an existing thread
Cannot be loosened
The external diameter of the Amecoil thread insert is greater than that of the tapped hole.  Due to its strong adherence to the tapped hole, it is practically impossible to loosen once it has been fitted.
Regular load distribution
For about 50% of traditional joints using screws, stress is concentrated on the first inserts.  The Amecoil thread insert makes it possible to distribute tensions and loads along the length of the screw.  Using its elasticity, it forms a “seal” between the screw and the nut and corrects pitch ad angle differences between the threading and the tapping.
Reduces bosses
The Amecoil reduces the weight and bulk of the parts.  Due to its features, it requires less space than other systems (one-piece inserts, sleeve coupling…) and reduces bosses in particular in tappings made of low resistance material.
Resistant to corrosion and other attacks
The Amecoil thread insert eliminates tapping deterioration due to tearing, vibrations, fatigue, seizure or corrosion, and remains resistant to high temperatures.
Resistant to premature wear
Practically impossible to wear, it makes it possible to obtain tappings “for life” in parts made of low resistance material.  This important feature means that, even after it has been used many times, it always complies with the most rigorous standards.
Simplifies locking systems
With the Amecoil self-locking system time and money are saved by doing away with pins, lock-nuts, lock-washers, etc.

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