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    Custom Manufacture

    We have the knowledge, experience and resources to handle your requirement quickly and efficiently. We’ve helped numerous companies source their Made-to-Print requirements using our reliable ISO qualified, India and overseas suppliers to deliver a variety of custom made products and multi-part assemblies. Examples of our capabilities include:

    • Cold headed components
    • Custom Springs and wire forms
    • Deep drawn parts
    • Exotic metals
    • Hot heading
    • Military and Aerospace
    • Plastic and rubber molded parts
    • Powdered metal parts
    • Prototypes
    • Specialized coatings and plating
    • Stampings
    • Screw machining

    Submit your designs to our secure cloud based software package. We accept all the popular formats.


    The intelligent manufacturing system collates key information and sanitises confidential data.


    Our network of approved, global manufacturers provide pricing, quality assurances and delivery targets.


    You Receive a competitive, no obligation quote. Usually within 2 working days.