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We are Pan India supplier for TVS High Tensile Screws, Bolts and Nuts. Grade- 8, 8.8, 10, 10.9, 12, 12.9. We provide these unmatched quality products at highly competitive rates. Kotadia Inc. has a centralised warehousing facility at Ahmedabad, Gujarat where about 4.5 Lakh units with 2,000 different part numbers of TVS fasteners are stocked ranging from 3mm to 56mm in diameter and 4mm to 400mm in length. We are serving this dedicated field for 15 years. TVS ALLEN CAP, SOCKET PRODUCTS, TVS HEX BOLT, TVS ALLEN CSK, TVS HEX NUT, TVS ALLENKEY WRENCH AND MANY MORE... TVS FASTENERS DEALERS IN AHMEDABAD

Authorised Dealer

We Are Authorized Dealer Of Sundram Fasteners Limited (TVS) In Hex Head & Socket Head Fasteners In Entire Range.

Hex Head Fasteners

  • We Have Ready Stock Of TVS Hex Bolts & Screws From Diameter Of M5  M42 In  8.8 , 10.9 Grade (Geomet,Delta,Magni,HotDip Coating Available )
  • We Have Ready Stock Of TVS Hex Nut From Diameter Of M5 to M48 in 8 , 10 Grade.
  • We Have Ready Stock  Of  TVS Sunloc Nut (Nylock Nut) In 8 Grade (DIN 982).

Socket Head Fasteners

  • We Have Ready Stock Of TVS Allen Cap Bolt In 12.9 Grade From Diameter M3 to M30.
  • We Have Ready Stock Of Socket Button Head ,Csk Head Screws From Diameter M3 To M20 In 12.9 Grade